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Yesterday was John Peel Day in the UK. I have meaningful memories of making my mom take me into "the city" so I could buy John Peel approved vinyl. This didn't happen often, I didn't get an allowance growing up (which probably explains my piss poor money management as an adult) but whenever I could convince moms that I deserved some music. Thanks mami. You never denied me my dorkitude.

Anywho, back to Peely. His name on something meant it was great, and if not great, then something that, over time, would eventually click in your brain. Either because circumstances or events suddenly made the song crystal clear and meaningful. So yes, while I might've liked The Fall no matter what, I certainly would've never even given Aphex Twin a chance if it hadn't been for him.

John Peel is the unofficial saint of music lovers everywhere. He's the embodiment of what musical enthusiasm can do for others when used benevolently, without expecting reward. He refused to take credit for "breaking" bands and despite this, wound up forever associated with those he introduced to our ears. When I grow up, I want to be him; trundling around music stores, list of things to buy held by my teeth while my fingers work through the selections. Forever finding something new.

Snowshoe/Bearsuit (yousendit download)

This is Bearsuit. As mentioned here, I found them through John Peel. They are lovely. Listen to this aural walk through the snow and grit, love it and befriend them on My Space.

Love, D

Song to seek: Snowshoe/Bearsuit

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