you're like the snow that never comes

dear friends,

1. zzzzzz.

2. happy anniversary one day late to earfarm!

3. I will do a little write-up on last night's beg yr pardon/earfarm anniversary show possibly this weekend. it was good times, natch.

sadly, last night was my last BYP as crew member (cue bathetic strings). never fear, leaders phil & tina will be keeping the dream alive, & beg yr pardon will move to a way more party-friendly thursday! I hear the next show will feature feisty ladies the pill & local charmers up the empire. to stay in the know, befriend beg yr pardon on my space!

4. thanks to all of you who have left mp3 comments on d: undercover, it is much appreciated. if you have not, head on over there! speak up! don't be shy!

4. eira/gorky's zygotic mynci (yousendit)

loping & queasy, this song sounded like my walk to work from the train. every jostle from passing pedestrians was a major upheaval & I silently promised myself that the first thing I'd do once I got to my desk would be to drink my coffee & stare at nothing & no one until I felt better.

I don't know what the singer is saying, don't speak welsh. it could be about ponies in the rain or it could be about murder*. so going by intonation alone, the build-up to the chorus sounds like someone trying to convince themselves of something & failing, since the end of the "discussion" is a series of slightly frantic ooos & a long sigh of ah. more ambivalent recitation followed by fade out to a portentious radio feed. the sound of uncertain feelings & weather. today at least.

love, d

* of course, it's about neither.

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Blogger Matt said...

thanks for all of your help with the show D. you're the best.

11:35 AM, October 12, 2006  

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