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dear friends,

1. I am going to see the big sleep at mercury lounge tonight. I can't really write about 'em until I give their new album, son of the tiger, the deep listen but if you need a preview, go here & stream it.

2. on a semi-related tangent, whenever I hear the name, the big sleep, I think of the howard hawks film with bogie & bacall & of one scene in particular. in it, bogart's character, detective philip marlowe, runs into a book store to escape the rain & dig up some dirt*. after some testy then flirty give & take with a spectacles sportin, brown hair pinned back, very young dorothy malone (looking oddly like alicia silverstone) they smoothly glide into what looks like a quickie book store romp. jigga huh? that's right. no strings sex with a woman who underneath the ultra-dowd is smoking & ready to go. she puts the "closed" sign up & everything. post-hays code**! this scene is catnip for folks (you know who you are) who really, really subscribe to the sexy librarian archetype. & yeah, the rest of the film is pretty good too. go rent it now!

2. the comas are on tonight's bill as well. I like them so I wrote about 'em once. every time I've tried to see them in the past, there is a cancellation, or idol is on, or my a.s. goes beserker at the last minute. I will catch them tonight. oh yes. I will. you come too?

love, d

* that's not a mixed metaphor. I don't even know what that sentence is. but I know some sort of crime is being committed.

** one of the hays code regulations: "adultery and illicit sex, although recognized as sometimes necessary to the plot, could not be explicit or justified and were not supposed to be presented as an attractive option." oops.

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