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dear friends,

1. because I am overworked, I'm going to post ALMOST EXACTLY the same thing I have up on the beg yr pardon site.

2. the next BYP party, #9 to be exact, will also double as my birthday party. what does this mean? that in addition to the baked goods, bonhomie & streamers you've come to expect from our little basement party, the festivities are gonna be taken up a few notches. the bands are fabulous. the decorations will be extra junior prom'd OUT. & I? I will be....merrier than usual*.

the details:

tuesday, september 26, beg yr pardon #9 aka my birthday fest 3000 at the delancey (168 delancey st. btw clinton & attorney)

7:30 doors, 8:00 start time

$5 to get in. your cash will get you 4 bands, baked goods, $5 all you can eat bbq (with vegetarian options) on the roof from 7-9, 3 awesome djs, the opportunity to make fun of my "singing" & FREE BEER from 11:30 to 12:30.

the bands:

8:00 tiny masters of today

"Anyone who thinks attitude is underrated in rock 'n roll should cast an eye in the direction of pint-sized garage-rockers, Tiny Masters Of Today. With their debut three-track EP, brother-and-sister duo Ivan and Ada showcase just how far you can go with a handful of chords and a boatload of sass."
-Drowned in Sound

ada and ivan have never been married and are actually brother and sister. they are also 10 and 12 respectively, sell their 7" in europe and the amazing russell simins (blues explosion) is their live drummer. don't be a hatah, we can't all be prodigies. they're fantastic. come check them out.

9:00 the vandelles

"Acts like the Vandelles keep one foot in pre-psychedelic surf rock while remaining true to the shoegazer movement of the 1990s."

the vandelles are like the jesus & mary chain fronted by a good looking california bike gang. sweet stuff.

10:00 draculazombieusa

"The band name has a sort of lovable B movie feel to it. And so does the music...Fun loving and danceable indie electronica pop."
-Mystery & Misery

o'death requested draculazombieusa for tonight's festivities. I don't think they were aware I'm one of the members. oops! dzusa (east coast annex) is like cheerleaders plus dance bleats plus live drumming. we want you to dance but won't yell at you if you can't. just don't be surprised when you're molested by a large man in a sweater vest.

11:00 o'death

"The O'death sound: Imagine a slightly disturbing blend of old-world Appalachian folk music crossed with Tom Waits fronting a modern-rock/folk band. Insanity works for the band, and it's clearly captured on the album."
-An Aquarium Drunkard

o'death is the best live act around. fah reals. hootenanny guarantee.

the djs:

sheila b (7:30-9:30)
jeff k vs rachael underrated (9:30-12:30)

if you're like me, someone that shamelessly trolls the internet looking for quality music reads, then do yourself a favor & follow our dj's links.

the poster (courtesy of alec longstreth):

yes, I know all the kool kids wanna go see grizzly bear that night. that don't mean you can't come before or after the show, right? if you're going to behave irresponsibly on a tuesday, this is the tuesday to do it. come wish me a good one.

3. see? I meant it.

4. elsewhere on the web, rachael underrated & contributor mary, dzusa member & ruined music doyenne, urge you to come out to BYP #9 too, only with more finesse.

5. I went to see the big sleep last night, bought a cd, & was generally WAY too happy to hear aaliyah being used as pre-show music**. alas, I didn't feel well & they had a late start so I didn't catch the whole set. it's a shame 'cause I was into that shiz. came home & found the monkey (who couldn't attend because he had to erm, shop for my birthday present) clicking away at his laptop & listening to the saint-saƫns cello concerto #1 in a minor on the radio. I suddenly remembered my mannes music school friend**, sari, who did that very same piece when she graduated. I hope she's still playing, she was fantastic.

6. here's some live big sleep on you tube...

brown beauty (live)/the big sleep

have a good weekend, get some rest, see you on tuesday. I wanna party like it's 1999.

love, d

* the kind of merry that occurs when your have own personal bottle of fauxpagne

** you don't believe me? ask stereoactive nyc, I was standing next to him, going "babygirl! better known as aaliyah! give me goosebumps & high fevahs! making playa hatahs believahs! babygirl! better tell somebody!" etc, etc.

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