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...Or my longest post EVER

Dear friends,

1. Where I self-medicate

There's a serious insect situation in my house. Argh! To make myself feel better, I would like to post this video. Because poppy psychedelia pleases me.

2. Where I babble and truncate

Tuesday night's Beg Yr Pardon party, the semiconcious recap, in mini-bite form:

- Get to the venue early. Bob the soundman doesn't know who I am, stares at me blankly when I say "Hey!" When he doesn't reply, I do that high school move of pretending I hadn't said anything and set about unloading my Tina-given bag of stuff.

- The uber-sadness continues when I realize that I have no idea what to do with the streamers and I can't blow up a balloon to save my life. Sigh. Clearly, I didn't have a childhood.

- Joe from Planes For Spaces shows up, along with the ladies of Telenovela Star. Talking to bands. I can do that. I think.

- Fast forwarding to show time, Telenovela Star are on and they are wailing. I however, am at the door. I run downstairs to hear one song, watch Hanna T-Star coo and then yell her gorgeous red-haired head off through A Plum. When Maggie T-Star joins her on the vocals at the end I feel a perceptible crowd shimmer of "oooo" then run back upstairs to take more money. I try to smile at the arrivals but I still manage to make people uneasy. It must be my teeth.

- Gabe from Takka Takka catches me doing an absurd one foot by cashbox, one foot to bar move and politely offers to go order for me. I later discover, after meeting the other half of Takka Takka, that they are quite possibly the nicest NYC band ever. Which means they might have to jello wrestle El Jezel for the title. That would be awesome.

- Catch some of Planes For Spaces, they wail and stomp through their desert doomscapes with confidence.

- Run upstairs, meet Higgins, it's like meeting Santa. 'Cept more psychedelic.

- Go outside to smoke furiously, did not tell Mr. Earfarm that Mrs. Earfarm is the best smelling lady in the L.E.S. because that would sound wicked creepy*.

- Run downstairs, see Takka Takka rip it up. Love the organ intro to We Feel Safer At Night. A few songs later, Gabe, clearly not content to just be a singer, keyboardist and guitarist, unleashes the harmonica! Yay!

- Free beer! Uh...free CAFFEINATED beer. Uh oh!

- Higgins. Are. The. (High pitched) shiiiiizzzz. The solo in Drop Off was so good and as much as I like the recorded version, it didn't have that winding, perfectly measured slice of guitar goodness or for that matter, the effect of Brian Higgins' immaculately tasteful yet powerful drumming right in yo' face. Afterwards, through most of the set, I thought stupidly over and over, I LOVE guitarmony so much. It's true. that's how J got me to like Queen. When two guitars start harmonizing with each other, my head swims in pleasure. I know, I know. There ain't no way to hide the goofy.

- Go here for some photos, go here for coherence

3. Where I pimp da music and next show

Unsacred Hearts drummer and SB Big Cheese Travis H aka DJ Business will be kindly filling in for Jenny P aka DJ J-Pi ** as my tag team dj partner*** on the later part of the night on Thursday, June 29 aka the next Beg Yr Pardon at Club Midway (night change! venue change!) I will play the dance favorites and he will play the quality sounds that make those that subscribe to British music magazines go "Aaah yeah" Yes, I'm one of those too. Be sure to get there early to hear the fabulous Obsessive Compulsive AKA DJs Justin and Dot from the Crackers United crew. Also, bands! More on those next week.

Love, D

* Instead, I decided to tell them that on Thursday. I thought it might be less creepy post-pony.

** She has scored herself a fancypants job on the beach. congratulations Jenny P.!

*** I have no DJ name yet, though J's joking (I hope) suggestion of DJ Beeyotch is being seriously considered.

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