maybe it's just narcissism

dear friends,

1. denizens of montreal, I'll spare you my pathetic spanish accented "parly-voo" & just get to the point in plain ole ingles. I will be man in gray's stowaway this weekend on their journey up to canada (or canadia as I used to call it as a child 'cause it sounded more, eh...magical*) they will be playing a venue called l'escogriffe on saturday, april 29 at 9PM & if you are living/loving/studying locally, are otherwise unengaged & willing to take a chance on a fun, noisy little band from nyc, come on out. also, please wave hello to the merch girl with the trembling closed-mouth smile. she's trying her best.

2. in my continuing adventures in cat impersonation, I will be taking part in a friendly march on monday outside a tribeca film festival screening in full feline gear. let's just say it is all for the love of chris marker. he makes movies that work like dreams.

3. strawberry fire wrote a post** about cansei de ser sexy some time ago, which I read & then promptly jotted down the band's name on my desk pad next to a scribbled "check out!". I'm caught up now & I gotta say these fellow south americans are rocking my headphones right now with art bitch, their snotty little ode to people who are feted by visionaire. now, would playing it back to back with art star be too much? befriend cansei de ser sexy on my space.

4. note below the triumphant return of our contributor-in-japan kirsten who finally got to see her beloved shiina ringo live & wants to tell YOU about it.

love, d

* in the same arena of childhood insanity. I thought that canada was where cain went to live after he was banished for that whole fratricide thing. somehow, cain + "land of nod" = canada. yeeeeah. I spent a lot of time by myself as a child. it happens.

** also good is this post about lyrical swede indie-popsters, amandine.

song to seek: art bitch/cansei de ser sexy


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