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Dear friends,

It's a fact! #6: I sometimes sing the following R. Kelly lyrics to J when we're out in the supermarket or park: "You remind me of my jeep/I wanna ride it!/You look just like my car/I wanna wax it"* to which he replies by looking at me out of the corner of his eye and murmuring sotto voce, "We're in public."

It's a fact! #7: Every time I see the R. Kelly spoof that Dave Chappelle did entitled "Piss on You", I laugh my ass off and I've seen it HUNDREDS of times. It. Never. Stops. Being. Funny.

It's a fact! #8: I've seen various parts of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet HUNDREDS of times and it too, never. Stops. Being. Funny.

It's a fact! #9: I am very sorry the Chappelle show is over because I'll never get to see Mr. Chappelle's take on Trapped in the Closet.

It's a fact! #10: Unrelated to Dave Chappelle but somewhat related to R. Kelly, I like Will Oldham, though he is not, as Contributor Jared likes to say once a year to me, my "favorite" artist. Fact is, I've never been able to make it through an entire Palace/Palace Brothers/Palace Music effort in its entirety. However, he has written many songs that I hold dear, such as New Partner off of Viva Last Blues. That's my joint, right there. The older version though, not the revamped one he did as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, his most recent recording alias, on Bonnie "Prince" Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music. Aliases? Singing his own songs under another...persona? Is it another persona? Confusing, eh? Almost as confusing as the plot to Trapped in the Closet. I'm still not sure where the midget comes in.

Anywho, Oldham once did an interview where he was talking about his deep love and respect for R&B and how irritated he was by certain indie types who dismiss its quality because it's not guitar-based music. Since reading that, I have patiently waited for him to cover some R&B, put it out there for the aforementioned indie types and maybe make some converts. The wait is over (kinda.) Now thanks to this post from When Apes Rule The Earth!, you can hear him tackle R. Kelly's Ignition**. It won't make anyone join the church but you can definitely hear the pleasure in Oldham's voice as he instructs you to "Bounce, bounce, bounce." An honest homage. Hey, it's a start.

Love, D

Song to seek: Ignition (Live)/Will Oldham

* The classic You Remind Me of Something from R. Kelly

** Which I like to think of as You Remind Me of Something, Part Deux.

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Blogger liz o. said...

Did you see the R. Kelly episode of the Boondocks? If not, you should. There aren't very many episodes of the show yet, so you can probably catch it on Adult Swim sometime in the near future (also, they might have it online, I'm not sure). It's so funny.

1:27 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger d said...

I haven't seen that! I smell a mission...

10:45 AM, April 20, 2006  

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