I am all yours & only yours (LATE EDITION)

dear friends,

1. I am TIRED. last night, I manned a merch table very badly in that I realized that I need to practice smiling in a way that doesn't suggest a shark, thus frightening off potential prey, I mean customers, who swim away before they buy anything, HENCE the badly. once I get that whole "approachability" thing taken care of, I vow to be the best merch person EVER! (cartwheel)

2. in reference to my last post, kellie pickler is out! I can't believe the good will of the american people deserted that salmon lovin' girl next door from ruraltown, usa. it must mean that the terrorists are winning! also, since the song corporation did not play it, eternal flame still suxxxs. (triple snap) yeah, I said it!

everything worked out though since the song corporation played an excitingly muscular set despite the bangles-absence, man in gray played a cover of 20th century boy* & all that made me very happy indeed. so happy I turned into santa claus for like 5 seconds but no one saw it, thank god. also, I have to send a very special thanks to eric from the secret life of sofia (which are not to be missed live, observe their show listing on left) who is a very good sport for sittin' there with me at the aforementioned station of merchandise, listening patiently as I assigned him ear homework** & babbled on & on about music. I mean really, who needs random women sitting behind makeshift tables telling you what to put in your ears? no one. eh, what am I sayin'?

3. the new dunkin donuts jingle. it has been playing in my head. on a loop. all week. I'd paste the you tube video of it but it is like ringu, it will take over your life & before you know it, you'll be speedwalking past a billion running little leaguers, latte in hand, screeching "DOING THINGS IS WHAT I LIKE TO DO! YESSSSS!" & I don't want that to happen to you. so instead I will direct you to my latest pop pleasure I love you by the boyfriends. go to their my space page to hear it. it's all about love, kids, all about love! sung by a man who probably listened to louder than bombs one too many times. & I say that like it's a good thing.

4. SO, back to the tired, I'm sitting at my desk, overly caffeinated (can't ya tell?) & every time I close my eyes, I see row upon row of tiny little zzzzzzzz. tonight I plan to watch the america's next top model episode I left taping. if you are neither sleepy or addicted to programs with OUTFITS then I recommend you go see another band that's a must to see live, mistakes, which I first talked up here. they're playing the deli magazine's shindig for their brand new issue at tonic. go check 'em out, they'll make you oh so glad that you stepped out of your little apartment.

love, d

* to read a review of man in gray's delancey performance & see a photo which features a prominent shot of my shiny chignon, head on over to the always excellent earfarm.

** to find & listen to the beatles' cheeky oddity you know my name.

song to avoid: the new dunkin donuts jingle

song to seek: I love you/the boyfriends


Blogger Kirsten said...

MiG covered 20th Century Boy?

Awww. Fuck me. Wish I was there!

9:32 AM, April 28, 2006  
Blogger tina said...

Yes we did. Hopefully, we'll do it again. If the boys are amenable.

2:25 PM, April 28, 2006  
Blogger Kirsten said...

Woo! Cool icon, Tina!

I'll be cityside early August. Hope to see you!

1:59 AM, April 29, 2006  

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