allons-y, ma cherie

Spring springing! Makes me wish I led a life of leisure in a dreamy European city (anything with cobblestones will do) - I want a kicky pleated skirt, a Vespa, a pied-a-terre avec une petite kitten sunbathing in the windowsill, a precious neckerchief, a rendezvous avec un handsome artist ou photographer at a darling bistro down the way. What I've got is my desk and this computer screen and my ill-fitting polyester skirt from Tarzhay. And, bien sur, Fabienne Delsol. We make do, mes amis, with what we have.

(Alors! For even more lovely ladies and all the ye-ye you can stand, check out Cha Cha Charming, an online magazine run by an old zine pal of mine.)

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