in darkness with memories

dear friends,

more you tube laziness from this year's girl. the theme is covers.

1. I've written about greg dulli & the afghan whigs before here. I bought the cd single for what jail is like from gentlemen back in the day just so I could hear their "b-side" cover of my favorite supremes song, the weird & wonderful my world is empty without you*. this version replaces the maniacally smiling diana ross-ness of the original (don't get me wrong, I'm no ross fan, but I do love her cooing robot disconnect in that song) with a vocal from a guy who sings like he got a mouthful of rusty nails with his scotch & a backing beat so insistent & sinister, it puts the I'm a'gonna die threat in the song front & center.

2. when I first heard about bjork & pj harvey doing a cover of satisfaction at the brit awards or something or other, I thought it was yet another internet mislabeling, you know the cure covering creep when it's really tears for fears butchering creep, etc... then I heard it & was stunned into ohmygawd, it's them-ness. & yes, it's them-ness is the latest craze. seriously.

if you haven't heard this version, hop to it, hit play.

NB: contributor tina & I used to sing along to this together sometimes (I was pj to her bjork.) I feel that this sorta thing is the natural progression from playing agnetha & frida from abba with my cousin mane when I was a kid. sadly, minus the elaborate dance routines. but I suppose that can be arranged.

3. I wrote about john martyn in that same soft communication post linked up above. for those who get the heebies from anything remotely folk here is everyone's favorite smooth hipster appropriator, beck, tackling his go easy. can you hear the sea change? I sure can.

love, d

ps go see the song corporation start their death disco residency tonight at the delancey!

pps go see el jezel rock rothko at 8pm tomorrow night!

pps go see the unsacred hearts unleash their in defense of fort useless lp at pianos on saturday night!

pppps these are commands by the way. whip crack!

* which also included a snippet of another supremes classic, I hear a symphony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


great idea with the youtube clips. i gotta figure out how you put them in your posts, cause i would definitely link up some vintage devo clips and such.

and thanks for pimping our show, and for going! hope your bbq was good!


11:11 AM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger d said...

george, you tube has made it as easy as pie. find a video & at the bottom of each page, they have the embed commands at the bottom to cut & paste. thus sparing people like myself who don't speak code from being totally useless.

so go for the gold & bring the devo! I've had gut feeling stuck in my head all week.

ps no bbq, but j found a cajun chicken sandwich that did the trick.

pps great show!

11:24 AM, April 07, 2006  

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