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dear friends,

didya have a nice weekend? I sure did! contributor marta got me a manicure (cuz I'm a girl) at a place where they serve you cosmopolitans (cuz I'm a two drink drunk). contributor stephanie & I (aka the hardtogettes) sang & danced for the unsacred hearts, at pianos for their wonderful cd release show & managed to successfully do our cribbed from nancy sinatra on you tube moves without killing dave s. or falling off the teeny tiny stage. & lastly, contributor j ran with me yesterday in prospect park which is great 'cause when he does, I like to pretend the he is the graceful gazelle grazing in the distance that I, the weezing lioness, must catch or ELSE! look, I have to keep it entertaining or else the exercise just isn't happening.

here's two recent adds from my space ---

1. obvious name implication aside, girl in a coma, manages to recreate some fine smiths-influenced pop on their wistful their cell. vocally, there's a little chrissie hynde wounded quaver in singer nina's tossed off phrases about tattooed lovers but the main influence here is definitely moz & that's not a bad thing in my book. but it's not just her voice that makes things feel like high school all over again but the chiming guitar behind her, which turns the tune into the perfect soundtrack to disaffected teendom on its slow walk home from another day trying to interpret the mysterious actions of classmates & avoiding the slightly creepy neighborhood boy with the blond 'fro. download their cell from their my space page

2. animandible is a band that those polar takes on the 80s music, contributor jenny (love it!) & contributor bryan (hate it!) could both appreciate. their song ask any mandible traffics in disjointed disco a la scritti politti & you get no love is a punk song about well, getting no love. & halfway between enjoying both these tunes, I can't help but feel like maybe I'm being had...

what's going on here? is it irony? are they assholes? hard to say... their song filthy limousine goes for post-power ballad(!) with an "earnest" description of their vast ride whose interior is ready for action & just like you'd expect, the song is dire. but ask any mandible is trashy fabulousness of the highest synth fucks guitar order. so the question is, am I in on the joke? or is it, am I the intended victim? is there even any joke to be found? are these people just friends who decided to write songs by the numbers & have some fun with it at the expense of show-goers that are so aching to say "I heard it first!" that they're willing to go along with any ole emperor? or are these folks happily enjoying the naivete of what they're doing without any sort of calculation?

late in song scene scum, the tune inexplicably turns into circa I confess english beat albeit on muscle relaxants before returning to the jet propulsion punk that carried it previously. it's a moment like this that make me realize that whatever unpolished quality animandible are going for, there's way more sophistication behind it than you'd think. & that intrigues me beyond measure. only their live show can reveal what they mean to do with themselves & you. animandible plays the delancey saturday, april 22 at 8. naive awesomeness or just the latest vice magazine house band? for now, I'm opting for the former...go see for yourself & tell me what you think.

3. contributors & readers, be sure to make your way over to a recent music blog discovery, strawberry fire. why? the writing is great, the downloads are tasty, the apples in stereo song is su-weeet & I think we can all agree that glockenspiels ARE wonderful.

love, d

songs to seek from my space: their cell/girl in a coma, ask any mandible/animandible, scene scum/animandible

music blog to read: strawberry fire


Blogger Jenny said...

I just watched that video again and have reached the conclusion that Nancy Sinatra has the best legs EVER. Great moves, too.

I'll check out Animandible, thanks for the tip.

12:05 AM, April 11, 2006  
Blogger d said...

nancy is like sugar! I do think you'll enjoy their "ask any mandible" track.

10:33 AM, April 11, 2006  
Blogger Strawberry Fire said...

I LOVE you! No really! I do.

4:27 AM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Strawberry Fire said...

I LOVE you guys! No, really. I do.

4:28 AM, June 05, 2006  

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