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dear friends,

1. first the corrections: yesterday I accidentally linked contributor j aka jeremy aka the monkey (didn't want to mix my animals) to the unsacred hearts which if you hadn't had any coffee might have led you to mistakenly assume I jogged with contributor joe willie on sunday. now, the thought of me jogging is funny but the thought of jw & I joggin' together is pure comedy GOLD. alas, this was not the case. I make lots of mistakes & make up stories about musicians that simply aren't true & this is why you read my prattle, no?

2. go here to listen to catlow's marvelously bratty number one which details one band's crash & burn fame trajectory. short & sweet & done before ya know it. for fans of breathy girls & guitars & band drama as pop music. hmmm...that's pretty much everyone I know. if you're feeling friendly then please befriend catlow on my space.

3. I first encountered terry callier when I bought a beth orton ep that featured her covering dolphins (which is probably best known through tim buckley's purply baroque version) with him. there was a cute description from orton about how they settled the whole how shall we do this question by following callier's suggestion to sing each part as if the other were singing. which sounds nonsensical as hell but listening to orton slide around the notes you can see that she's actively emulating her partner. callier, on the other hand, sound like no one but himself. his voice is a warm, dark-tinged, oak-like thing but underneath such potential aural heaviness there's always the hint of a smile, of lightness to his delivery. he's got a trickster voice, suited for all sorts of styles. but callier, bless him, has stuck to exploring his own particular brand of soul folk throughout his four decade stint in music. luckily, this adherence to style hasn't stopped him from recently collaborating with various famous types from the uk electronic scene. which leads me to this - here is terry callier's smokin' slow burn of a guest appearance on massive attack's on live with me. enjoy!

OR for those of you that get a rash when you hear echoing beats, go here to hear a fine terry callier kcrw session.

love, d

songs to seek: number one/catlow, live with me/massive attack feat. terry callier


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