Point and Stare

These dudes are Japanese?




Download some Ellegarden. Tell me if I'm crazy?

Oh yeah, when I start my future gurl rawk band, I'm gonna name it Ewan Twat Army. We will sing only in Japanese and the country will say "Maji de, Amerkajin??"

Dir en Grey is going to SXSW. Vis kei in Texas. Jesus. FREEEEEAKS!

Want to hear something disgusting? Get Ai Ootsuka's "Sakuranbo".

My kids bounce to this like they were made outta rubba. Good for hauling selves to train stations in the middle of holyshitfuck blizzards and fantasies of carnage. Thanks, Japan. You shouldn't have.

Song to Prod: Autumn Song/Ellegarden, Under Control/Ellegarden, Sakuranbo/Ai Ootsua

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Blogger Tavie said...

Hey, speaking of "Jesus. FREEEEEAKS!" I saw that preview again for the new Superman movie. I'm not crazy, they're making him Superman Jesus now. I'm sure of it. There's this part where the British Voice is all, "I sent them my only son..." and then they show Superman rising over the Earth.

And it makes sense, because Superman is Jesus in Godspell, too.

I'm not crazy.

And I'll call my fake band Superman Jesus.

2:31 AM, January 15, 2006  

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