Stubble on the Chin of a Vicious Brute

I'm not sure where I got that initial song by the Men's Recovery Project. I thought it might have been Epitonic*, but they don't seem to have an entry there. Anyway, I've been listening to that song - "Sephardic Secrets" - on and off ever since. [UPDATE: found it.] Overall, it's a sort of a lofi-punk-electro-psychedelica. Niche almost to the point of novelty (like maybe the Moistboyz). But what kept me coming back was the outlandishly filthy guitar solo, which has a timbre that falls somewhere between Sepultura and the sound of the teacher's voice in Peanuts cartoons.

Since the Load Records site had only listed one album, I had been under the impression that their whole catalog was out of print. But then last Friday in Generation Records I ran across the 40-track, one-disc masterwork entitled The Very Best of the Men's Recovery Project.

It's a rare accomplishment for an album to give you such a strong sense of exploitation without you having the slightest idea what is being exploited or how. Following the lead of the 5RC website, I may be safe to say that any accurate statement about this band should be phrased in the form of a question. 5RC asks, "Comical? Responsible? Horrifying? Compelling?"

I would add, "Nihilistic? Anti-Imperialist? Misogynistic? Homophobic? Queer? Dada? Punk? Ween? Semitic? and Profane?"

The track entitled "Man Urinating, Laughter" is 25 seconds of just that.

Most Recommmended Tracks: "Stubble on the Chin of a Vicious Brute", "Smokeable Birth Control", "Manhole", "Vote Fraud on the Moon Base", "Get Your Dick Out Of My Food"

* Remember when Epitonic were still uploading music? Even as a historical resource, you can find out about tons of great bands through their magical, hypertextual, "If You Like ___, Then You Might Like..."-type network. And there were sample MP3's for, like, everybody.


Blogger Mike said...

My old band is on Epitonic for some reason:


I'm not sure how we got there. Probably Chris of Jigsaw/Indiepages.

12:41 PM, December 06, 2005  

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