yesterday where was I

dear friends,

it's been a week of really strange situational reversals, random but welcome visits &/or phone calls from old friends, furious mailing, online lurking on mp3 sites where I pillaged like the inner viking that I am, holiday shopping, looming transit strikes & sudden face cream overload. & the monkey cooked dinner. kinda. no matter, he just has to sit there looking at me with that "u crazy" look & I'm happy. mashed potatoes are not necessary.

- sudden face cream overload? that's right. I'm slathering the stuff on like there's no tomorrow, because despite the fact that I fall on the lighter end of the latin skin spectrum, this winter girl gets ashy like a wednesday. -

all of this means, of course, that I have been unable to really think about things to recommend. which doesn't mean I haven't been listening. I've been compiling xmas mixes for people (which they'll get AFTER the holidays, natch) & perusing my space like the total loser music junkie that I am. after the x & the mas, I will write coherently about those finds. & we'll have some fauxpagne. you'll tell me how pretty the stars are. I'll show you my massage degree from the university of guadalajara. it will be grand.

go see el jezel tonight at pianos for their record release party. not only will it be wunderbar because there will be so many quality drinkers/musicians in attendance but because jess jezel is the cutest lady in nyc, because george jezel provides the best between song patter EVAH, because dan jezel is that rarity; the ferociously precise drummer with excellent posture(?!)* & because their combined sounds are juicy & juteaux & jugoso in all languages, including esperanto. I hope to see you there Απόψε!

in the meantime, let me introduce you to the little monkey. I will now put him on "shuffle", the list below is what he sang. yes, I know. but it's not laziness, it's love. I recommend them all.

1. son of mustang ford/swervedriver
2. strawberry fields forever (demo)/the beatles
3. under pressure (live)/the flaming lips
4. since I've been loving you/led zeppelin
5. kick out the jams/mc5
6. walk you home/super furry animals
7. paradise/new order
8. ave maria/caetano veloso
9. 25 or 6 to 4/chicago
10. leather & lace/lee hazlewood
11. tattooed love boys/the pretenders
12. I wanna get in your pants/the cramps
13. some things last/beck
14. smooth operator/big daddy kane
15. the greatest/cat power
16. modern age (peel session)/the strokes
17. I've got something on my mind/the left banke
18. only this moment/royskopp
19. blues is my middle name/ray charles
20. well that was easy/franz ferdinand
21. stream running over (acoustic)/the apples in stereo
22. guilty cubicles/broken social scene
23. red weather/the duke spirit

love, d

* I'm serious. I double dare someone to run on stage & balance a copy of emily post's etiquette on dan's head. he'll kill you of course BUT before that happens, my point will have been proven.


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