nobody knows me as well as you do

dear friends,

because I am a softy, because it is monday, because I can't stop listening to depeche mode's shake the disease & I don't really know why (that last sentence has no actual bearing on what I'm about to say, I just threw it in there 'cause it's a fact! & it provides me with a title for this post,) I'd like to direct your attention to the following bulletin that was posted on my space by the band voxtrot.

"1. We've had to cancel the rest of the tour [Norfolk, VA/Chapel Hill, NC/Atlanta & Athens, GA] due to our van problems. Sorry to all of those who were planning on coming to see us, and thanks to those who have written nice and encouraging letters to us.

2. We'd like to announce a last minute show in Brooklyn at Magnetic Field. It's an effort to try to make some of the money back that we've lost on this tour, so we appreciate all who can make it!

Weds, December 14th @ Magnetic Field
doors @ 8pm, Voxtrot at 9pm / $5
97 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11201 (718) 834-0069

3. To top it all off, after all of the confusion with Houston and dates being changed, it seems as if we've been booted off of the December 17th show at Numbers. We'll try and make Houston happen again someday.

Thanks to everyone for being supportive!

I have a prior engagement on wednesday with those fantastic urban rascals, the unsacred hearts, at death disco (FREE!) so I cannot be there BUT should you not be attending da hearts show because you are too lazy to leave brooklyn, I urge you to at least go see voxtrot. why? because everyone needs good van karma, whether or not you're planning to go on tour any time soon.

love, d

ps: speaking of urban rascals, man in gray have finally updated their website. go lurk there. listen to music. send them cryptic messages about how much their music makes you think of mandarin marmelade with fangs. make yourself a cuppa while you do so. that's what I would do. trust me, it's a good way to ease yourself back into the working week. & I don't think they'll mind.

pps: in case you don't want to leave brooklyn on wednesday & you feel like something a bit more contemplative & well...free, then pack up your bandana & stick go check out the honeyed guitar & vocals of gabriel miller-phillips at sunny's bar in red hook.

ppps: on the other side of the rascal spectrum, those sweethearts of the rodeo, el jezel, are having their cd release this friday at piano's. even though I am too short to even be looked at by the bartenders at that particular venue, I shall be there, roaring like a christ-like lion. because I MUST get my little black paws on the first EVER el jezel release & since it's included in the ticket price a la prince/musicology, I definitely shall. (insert maniacal laughter)

bands to go see live this week: voxtrot, the unsacred hearts, gabriel miller-phillips, el jezel


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