when I can show you my affection

dear friends,

I'm going to point some fingers today as 1) got tons o' work (can you believe it? it happens!) & 2) I'm tired & finger pointin's the best I can do.

1. contributor travis wrote about the song trains by nashville ramblers on november 9th on his blog (& handily put it up for download, how DOES one do that?). you can see the direct chalk line on the blackboard leading from them to guided by voices with this track. it shares that foggy vocal power pop with a hint of melancholy under all the aaaah's feel. really lovely.

2. wellington ladies welfare league is one of the few local punk bands that manages to recreate that special music made by miscreants vibe that's sorely missing from today's version of punk. go listen to libertine age on their my space page & try & imagine the spittle flying past. for those who don't like that at all...did I mention there's a cowbell?

3. the fatales aren't fronted by a woman who is gonna break your heart & leave you with nothing but a jaded voiceover narration to show for it. that's okay though 'cause these boys are striving to provide the soundtrack for that type of cinematic seduction instead. go here to hear to enjoy the moody jangle noir of darkened country. the fatales play rothko on 12/13.

4. voxtrot's the start of something is like this charming man if that song's protagonist had a less sexually bewildered twin. got that? fancy a bouncy stroll along the no longer desolate hillside where there's a kiss in it for you during the instrumental bridge. go to their my space page to hear the tune. voxtrot plays mercury lounge 12/7, go give 'em a nice nyc welcome.

5. thanks to contributor phil posting about songs used in adverts, I just want to let you all know that I really, really want that chan marshall version of hanging on the telephone that I heard in a cell phone commercial. if any of you ever hear about it being made available somewhere, give us a jangle.

love, d

songs to seek: trains/nashville ramblers, libertine age/wellington ladies welfare league, darkened country/the fatales, the start of something/voxtrot, hanging on the telephone/chan marshall


Blogger Jake said...

Well that's just downright nice. Thank you. Sorry about the spittle.

Jake Noodles,

5:09 PM, June 20, 2007  

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