while the canary sings

dear friends,

I've been a sick, sick-seroo & amazingly, it has nothing to do with my legs or spine. it's just an honest to goodness cold. how refreshing! I've been drinking theraflu like it's bathtub gin, watching now, voyager for the umpteenth time & talking to myself a LOT because my voice is so damn sexy right now & sometimes, sometimes, I get lonely. call me up, I'll nasally whisper nerdy nothings to you. things like "the tailies got the crappy hatch & a glass eye" & "mr. darcy will always be hunky 'cause he don't say much" & "I'm out of printer ink, help!". I'm so WILD.

sarcasm & dorkiness aside, because of the sickness*, I haven't done much in the way of new music searching but I have been trolling my space looking for interesting bands to listen to that I haven't heard of or met before. some of them have been kind enough to allow their my space visitors to download a song or two. & that is good, 'cause I don't know about you, but the best time for me to listen to music in a snake-charmed way, is on my headphones, travelling to & from work. somehow, listening to it at my desk, on my crappy computer speakers doesn't quite cut it.

so go here & check out these folk:

1. the avatars' wait now plays like personality crisis by the new york dolls, only this time instead of a scary man in platforms & lipstick, you get a sassy double tracked lady vocal. like a cute & sullen but secretly sensitive girl at the fairground working her way through her cotton candy & your heart.

2. summer lawns are not from the uk. yet the shimmering hues & shades that adorn their songs-as-landscapes are much more like the sounds made by some of our friends across the pond than the current nyc point & flash polaroid rock offerings. don't get me wrong, I love the latter as well, but sometimes when you're walking down the cold streets, the soundtrack you seek is something more layered, less 1-2-3, something you can keep looking at, or in this case, listening to, until you get lost in it. go check out piano song.

3. pink noise trade in sonic youth style guitar duels with the freakouts competing with the quieter moments for domination. singer sharron sulami plays kim gordon to the din, except her voice is more malleable, more willing to be part of the instrumentation than just a loud, declamatory voice on top. go listen to up for days.

4. for people who like music to go with their drinking, go seek buzz buzz tabernacle. their unintelligible holler meet scuzz rock ramble, it takes one to know one, is the perfect accompaniment to your friday night shot of whiskey.

love, d

songs to seek: wait now/the avatars, piano song/summer lawns, up for days/pink noise, it takes one to know one/buzz buzz tabernacle

PS if you've purchased z by my morning jacket, be wary of copying it to your computer. porque? go here to read contributor liz's heads up on sony being really, really bad.

PPS go to the morning theft, the song corporation, man in gray show at sin-e tonight. it's a benefit for the new orleans musicians clinic. & it's friday. so hop to it.

*the monkey says that contributor jared & I are the only people he's ever met who preface everything they say with disclaimers & prologues. which is hilarious! & sadly, quite true. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, y'know.


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