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dear friends,

1. for those in nyc who love diane cluck, as I do, or don't know who dat is, but are willing to take a chance on my golden ears, come join contributor jared & I today when we go watch her perform selections from her new album countless times at other music at 8:00 PM. go here to listen to sylvania from that cd.

2. someone told me I needed to get the new elbow album, leaders of the free world, & I ignored them 'cause I got their asleep at the wheel cd back when it came out & was underwhelmed. never mind that (said in welsh accent), go hear the excellently self-righteous title track immediately. it's got a menacing chug, oohs & velvety vocal work that's layered all over like layers of gruyere on some au gratin potatoes.

I'm hungry. hence the food imagery. used to describe a song that's about bush et blair & their good time war & it's effect on the common man. cough. THIS is why I am not a professional.

3. I written about giant drag before here on soft communication. what I haven't written about is how I am a huge supporter of MEOW rock. that right. rock which features meowing. a friend of mine from the college wilderness years & his roommate would frequently cover the stone's mother's little helper & substitute "meow, meow, meow" for the guitar parts. I enjoyed this way too much. since then, I've tried to encourage others to insert meows & usually this suggestion is met with blank stares. so you can imagine my delight at hearing the fade out of giant drag's kevin is gay which has singer annie hardy meowing in lieu of shredding. very good. keep up the meow work.

4. the monkey thinks that nina persson from the cardigans is an arrogant scandinavian because when he saw them play back in the lovefool* days, she smirked & told her audience, "you KNOW you want me". years later, I'm not sure if she still thinks she's hot shit* BUT once again, on the strength of their latest effort super extra gravity, I still want to try to beat what I call the curse of the cardigans!, you know the one where blizzards & other sundry force majeures detain me from seeing them live. this will be my year!

anywho, I'm especially feeling their new single I need some fine wine & you, you need to be nicer. the ungainly title says it all in terms of subject matter 'cept some awkwardness by way of dog training terms is thrown in for good measure. dog training terms, eh? yup. persson sings "sit!", "beg!", "roll over", "good dog", etc. & that makes me say quoi? I thought this song was about the paucity of good pinot? are the canine commands there so persson can come off like a silky haired dominatrix? or to push the point that the individual that needs to be nicer is like a bad dog? nevertheless, the tune is aces 'cause it demonstrates the tartly sweet pop rock universal singalong smarts that the cardigans have in spades. good for the bounce. saying "you KNOW you want me" while you dance along IS definitely recommended.

5. see number #1. go. failing that, go to here & listen to orange hat by herman dune who've recorded & toured with diane cluck. consider that the monday cracker jack surprise.

love, d

songs to seek: sylvania/diane cluck, leaders of the free world/elbow, kevin is gay/giant drag, I need some fine wine & you, you need to be nicer/the cardigans, orange hat/herman dune

* c'mon, you remember. "love me, love me, say that you love me!" everywhere. all the time. like the bubblegum plague. & yes, I liked it too.

** judging from the more recent photo I'd say that's a "probably".


Blogger tina said...

How was the Cluck?

I feel like that's bad...like's she's a chicken, but I don't think she's a chicken!

3:21 PM, November 09, 2005  

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