Spending an entire day at the computer and only writing two pages is beyond frustrating. In fact, I daresay it's frustrating. Thank goodness for internet radio: it keeps me awake, it keeps me tethered to the laptop via headphones, it reminds me of the world outside, and also, it is awesome.

Usually I go for public radio via Maine or NYC broadcasts, but y'know, sometimes they go on these all-opera blocks and without the live spectacle of people in massive costumes, opera doesn't push my buttons. Ideally I'd listen to lo-fi community channels all the livelong day, but a) their signals usually suck and b) as much as you want to dream that people in the middle of nowhere are rockin' out to old Sonic Youth b-sides, the truth is that they're more apt to bust out Christina Aguilera techno remixes (as Radio Free Rockland did today). I'm down with KEXP, but sometimes their playlists sound too much like what I'd hear if I put my (or Bryan's) iTunes on shuffle, and when I'm "working" I don't want to be distracted by a song I know all the words to.

So, my current solution is international radio, specifically signals originating from the Netherlands, because the Dutch have great taste in wooden shoes and gouda and incomprehensible Germanic power-pop. On the other hand, I've been tuned in to Zeilsteen Radio for most of the day (it's in your iTunes, look for it) and they've played some familiar tunes (We Are Scientists, the Shout Out Louds, Morrissey), too. The best part is the Dutch shouting that breaks in periodically; promos, I think.

I've also sought solace in Sunshine Radio ("popular music from Nyiregyhaza, Hungary"). Apparently British disco is popular in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. The J-pop stations are fun for a while but then the sugary whee! starts to eat away at my curmudgeonliness, and it's fucking impossible to write without a certain level of curmudgeonliness. I love bhangra but find it a bit intrusive for work. There's Radio Free Klezmer, however, and I can recommend that wholeheartedly.

What is your favorite radio on the internet? And did I just invent a new hipster band name, or what?

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Blogger Jenny said...

We listen to Live 365 at work (live365.com) at work. I prefer Lava Lounge and Club 80s with DJ Lex because it gets the coworkers dancing and, well, that's funny. It's free to listen, and there is a nice variety of genres.

6:10 PM, November 05, 2005  
Blogger d said...

for work I listen to the sounds eclectic archives at kcrw.com, because it doesn't really distract (it's a little bland) even though occasionally harcourt will shock you by playing something interesting. but what you're looking for is background color, right, not innovation?

10:45 AM, November 07, 2005  
Blogger liz o. said...

Lamacq Live on BBC Radio 1. It plays live from 1-5 p.m. PST and is then archived.

12:26 PM, November 09, 2005  

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