The motion of her tiny hands and the quiver of her bones below

Dear friends,

Jack White is a Charlie Chan mustache havin' nut and I love him. I'm not just saying that because he could crush me with his monster movie hands. Apparently, he married British supermodel Karen Elson (Who's a real Cockney cutie and probably paler than White (Ha! I meant the man not the color but that works. She's pretty much translucent.)) on Wednesday*. As far as surprise weddings stunningly timed to coincide with film openings/record releases go, he's done much better than Renee's boob job havin' country singer beau**. G'luck with all of that, you crazy kids!

In an effort to balance my cynicism, I'd like to draw people's attention to the fantastic Truth Doesn't Make A Noise by The White Stripes off of the always mispronounced (usually by me) album De Stijl. It's no secret Mr. White would happily play the dude that hands Bob Dylan a towel/crown/bathrobe in the movie version of James Brown's life that I have playing in my head 24/7. Come to think of it, White would play several beaten-up wives as well, anything to sit close to Zimmy at the edge of a hotel room bed and catch some of his genius sweat. While the Stripes cover a few Dylan numbers***, I think the biggest hat tippers are the I wanna be like you originals. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise is one such number; it melds a barely restrained defense of a sweetheart to a recurring desert blues guitar refrain. It doesn't sound like Dylan quite, it's the intention behind it. I can almost see those defensive (or is it light-blinded?) stares behind whiteface make-up and a broad rimmed hat.

Love, D

* thanks to Contributor Gill for the link

** Well, according to the best mean celebrity bashing site on the internet, The Superficial, the new Mr. Z has had a "pectoral implant". I don't care if it's true or not. It's just those words alone that do it for me.

*** At the first concert I went to of theirs, the Stripes covered Isis which was one of my favorite Dylan songs in high school. Basically, as soon as it started I started clucking furiously like a storm sensing chicken. The cousin who accompanied me was...perturbed, for lack of a better word. I believe this was the seed that spawned my Stripes dementia.

Song To Seek: Truth Doesn't Make a Noise/The White Stripes

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