I could see her uterus!

dear friends,

I hope y'all woke up lovely & refreshed this fine tuesday morning. I didn't sleep so well 'cause I was having terrifying dreams that I was a nurse taking care of an elderly christopher lee who became possessed by an ancient demon & somehow turned into a devil with the face of a droid (he retained his bathrobe & slippers). that's right. half old man, half computer, all satanic. what does this mean, I wonder? perhaps it means avoid star wars* & hamburgers on a late sunday, I mean monday, night.

but now to the business at hand, this is a very special week. firstly, the monkey & I are celebrating our anniversary tomorrow!

(moment to muse about my good fortune at having found such a simian, moment for you to wonder what hell I'm talking about. insert crickets & tumbleweeds.)

secondly, & perhaps more importantly since it involves more than one reader, the first official soft communication mix exchange is taking place at the library bar on avenue a between houston & second this friday, june 3. I will once again attempt to make an additional page for that so I can enter all the details of your playlists, I'll pester the more seasoned interneters today about that. now is the time for you to inform me of your participation so that everybody knows exactly how many copies of their mixes to make. so do that.

for those outside of nyc, please comment on your favorite covers or post your recommended play lists right here on soft communication. I'm sorry we can't all meet in the middle of the country somewhere, perhaps one day. in animal costumes.

in an exciting bit of synergy (I'm not sure what that means but it sounds exciting! like synapse!) our gathering will be joint, as in, contributor george's syn-tastic great cover band project** will be meeting there as well. their theme is COVERS, our theme is COVERS, a few of those involved plan to do BOTH, so GENIUS! we shall be there from 6 to 10:30. get your party hat & come on out, even if you have no mix to exchange or cover to do or don't know anyone. people will be friendly & sauced & wearing name tags (provided by me). it should be good times, good times, etc...

again, if any of you are feeling sinister or otherwise, feel free to come to the loser's lounge presents the cure vs the smiths afterwards for more cross promotional madness.

no recommendations today. perhaps thursday.

love, d

* I think I know why christopher lee was in my dream even though he's not in star wars ('scuse me, sorry, a new hope)... see, peter cushing is in the first one playing vader's boss, a sort of wizened, bloodless bureaucrat with brylcreemed hair...the character's name escapes me... anyway, I was remarking to the monkey how interesting it was that not one, but TWO hammer horror vets (fantasy baddie du jour lee is in parts II & III) wound up in a galaxy far, far away. the mummy wielding a lightsaber, who'd've thunk?

** for those of you who don't check all their email accounts, some wise words from contributor george regarding your list of songs you'd like to cover for the covers project, a list he'd like to get before friday:

"I am eagerly awaiting for some cover song submissions from many of you. You can suggest as many as ten, but they should be specific songs, not "...anything by Led Zeppelin". Also, if you have an idea on how the song should be reinterpreted please note that on your list( i.e. - "Welcome To The Jungle" in a slow, shoegazer style). Hopefully I will have enough suggestions by Friday to compile a list we can take all take a look at. So get thinkin!"


Blogger george said...

where did the title for this post come from?

8:18 AM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger d said...

fannypack's cameltoe. it was either that or "is your crotch hungry girl 'cause it's eating your pants?".

clearly, I'm nothing if not total class.

8:56 AM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger therese said...

Grand Moff Tarkin was the name of Peter Cushing's character.

Filling my daily geek quotient early,


PS- I had every intention of making a mix, but I moved to a new apartment and my computer is being a jerk and blah, blah, blah... I will compensate by trolling the Library's jukebox for covers on Friday.

10:21 AM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger d said...


grand moff tarkin...possible side project name or too geeky to be used? I'm rather fond of one I saw in the credits to kung classic master of the flying guillotine - "kum kang". if anyone wants to do a krautrock sideproject, I recommend taking kum kang! as a name.

10:44 AM, June 01, 2005  
Blogger d said...

oops there should've been a fu in there somewhere. me no type good.

1:44 PM, June 01, 2005  

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