Don't underestimate the power of a punch

Dear friends,

The topic of the first music post I ever wrote here was Bearsuit, a wild and woolly Norwich sextet that consistently delivers excitingly peculiar pop punk. Since then, I've kept my fingers crossed, prayed to the indie gods and sent the band whining little emails of wheeeeen?. As in, wheeeeen are you going to cross the pond and come visit us? I know there's a million of you and the airfare will be brutal, but trust me Bears, it will be worth your furry time.

Foxy Boxer is a terrific example of why I adore this band. Much like the titularly cited fighting ladies, Bearsuit distracts you with prettiness. All those opening coos and woos surround keyboard and guitar lines that become, steadily and subtly, hard little jabs. Those cutie pie chorines aren't playing, they WILL bruise you. A sweet little knock-out.

Foxy Boxer/Bearsuit (mp3)

photo by Jenny Allison

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Purchase other Bearsuit MP3s on Amazon Digital*. Trust me.

Love, D

* I particularly recommend 14>28 What Are You, The Magic Man?

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Blogger Phil said...

Aw shit, and here I thought the arc of this post was leading up to "and now finally they are coming and playing at my house, my house." Oh well.

8:31 PM, December 07, 2007  

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