Night after night after night after night

Dear friends,

It's SC MP3 Flashback time!

I saw these guys twice during CMJ. They'd probably rehearsed once in the past seven months*, if at all, there were some odd sonic Quine-Pastorius** break it down moments and singer Joe Willie was even less intelligible than usual but...AH! How I love the Unsacred Hearts! How I missed them!

Photo by Matt Tyson

Somewhere Deep in NYC/The Unsacred Hearts (mp3)

Check out A whiskey grin that always got him to the door but never got him in from June 2006 featuring a little write-up on the ditty posted above.

Have a good weekend!

Love, D

* To be fair, their guitarist was away doing important work in a former Soviet Republic.

** I know that sounds kinda hellish but it worked somehow.

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