Shine so very dimly

Dear friends,

About an hour ago, ???? many years ago, after a poker game and the sound of gunfire coming off the street* that made my mother jump from one twin bed to another, I was born. They say it's my birthday and it is. I plan on having dinner with my honey and my momz. Life is grand.

Thanks to the largesse of an internet friend with WAY better sleuthing skills than I, I finally have the fabulous album that this song is on. Yipeee! I LOVE EMPEEETHREEEES!

Cinderella Backstreet/Peter Laughner (mp3)**

Buy (Ha! Good Luck with that!) Take The Guitar Player For A Ride by Peter Laughner.

Love, D

* Chile had some strife back in the day.

** It's true, the Backstreet Boys were named after the song.

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