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Dear friends,

1. A quick one: check out DZUSA tubthumper and Serious Biz honcho Travis H's new site, Shuffle Lovers. Ah sweet, sweet podcasting. T-Ha is a man of exquisite aural taste. Go listen!

2. A quick one: J and I were Slope-eating like a pair of dirty yuppies this weekend and this song came on in the restaurant. I started doing a modified chair bounce and mouthing the basso profundo "And so the conversation turned/Until the sun went DOWN." The Monkey thought I had a brain injury. Hardly! I ADORED this song when I was a kid. It's a tune that's vaguely about change*, is not dance-able in the traditional pelvic thrusting sense** and yet...it was a total SUMMER JAM! Brighton Beach! Someone walking by with it blaring out of their humongous radio! Moms fixing me a sandy snack! Ah, those where the days...

(Keep Feeling) Fascination/The Human League (video)

3. A quick one: Wish me luck!

Love, D

* Well, with multiple singers each singing a line it sounds like a group manifesto about what's to come after all the parties involved are forced to grow up. But honestly, who gives a crap? When you have a keyboard line that goes "tootly too roo roo roo roo!" you don't need to be deep.

** I don't see strippers dancing to this unless they're insane. It's more of a side to side, arm waving dance. A more muted version of the Molly Ringwald.

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Blogger therese said...

Molly Ringwald crossed with Courteney Cox, I think.

And on another Human League note- I have this coat with an upright collar. Every time I put it on, I imagine myself walking through foggy night streets singing "I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar- that much is true..."

5:59 PM, April 25, 2007  

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