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Dear friends,

1. The Muggabears may not be doing a Pussycat Dolls cover any time soon (which is, quite frankly, a shame) but they are having TWO release parties for their marvelous new EP Night Choreography. The first one is tonight at Mercury with Soft Communication faves Enon and the other one is at Cake Shop on Saturday, April 21st with other Neon Lights presents... alumns, Please Dept. Go, go, go!

(Re-posted without permission from Bryan's site)

The Goth Tarts by The Muggabears is not only good to meow along to, it reminds me of The Afghan Whigs; it has a bite similar to the tracks off of Gentlemen. Le sigh. Love that record.

Song to seek:

The Goth Tarts/The Muggabears (mp3) (From their website)

Pre-order Night Choreography by The Muggabears.

2. You know I had to...

Beep/The Pussycat Dolls (video)

For extra fun, insert your own images/words to go with the beeps. "You got a real big heart but I'm looking at your (SHEEP)/You got real big brains but I'm looking at your (FIRST EDITION OF JOSEPH CONRAD'S NOSTROMO)" and so on, and so on. It's the small things in life that make a difference.

Love, D

PS Seriously, Muggas. Please consider it. I have a birthday coming in a few months. Make it happen.

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