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This is not breaking news, but if you haven't already heard the Secret Machines EP of covers I recommend checking it out (well it's actually 2 originals and 4 covers)

The Road Leads Where It's Led EP

I forgot how much I love their version of "Astral Weeks" until I stumbled upon the chords while aimlessly messing around on guitar a few nights ago. I'm not a Van Morrison fan, even though I always hear about "Astral Weeks" being a great album (maybe it's the peanut-butter coated vocals that always turn me off). Anyway, take Van's lyrics, add a Pete Townsend guitar riff and three parts Secret Machines and you've got a great song.

I saw them at Irving Plaza a while back at one of the last shows of that tour. They looked and sounded spent, playing all of these long lethargic but euphoric covers. They played "Money (That's What I Want)" and made it sound completely original. I didn't even recognize it until hearing the familiar lyric about "..the birds and bees."

"Girl From The North Country" is the Dylan cover they've been playing for a while. I immediately became obsessed with this band after seeing them play this at Sin-E.
"(De Luxe) Immer Wieder" also frequented their live sets for a while. I assumed it was a new song of their's. The harmonies are great, but I could never make out the lyrics. Then I finally realized why.... they're singing in German!

The Secret Machines - "Astral Weeks"(mp3)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i think that ( De Luxe ) Immer Wieder is an Harmonia cover.

1:15 PM, April 15, 2007  

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