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Dear friends,

For a man known for his droll, removed delivery, Jarvis Cocker is a straight sap. This is why I adore him. I may have others I favor over him but when it comes down to it, Cocker provides me with mini-movie pop songs and the experience of those songs are thrilling. My favorite tunes as films are the ones where the narrator coolly comments on misperceived injustices, romantic or otherwise. Eventually though, the song turns and he reveals himself to be way more invested in his hurt. He is Rick in Casablanca and Sidney Carton in Tale of Two Cities. Under all that world weary cynicism there is a wounded, romantic sensibility. It's those opposing forces that get me every time.

Like a friend/Pulp (video)

This was for Alfonso Cuaron's remake of Great Expectations*. I'm not sure if Cocker wrote those lyrics with Pip and Estella in mind but even if he didn't I doubt you could do better thematically. The vocal performance is master class acting; from the gentle intro to the litany of empty accusations at the end. Even though Cocker makes it clear from the beginning how it all ends: the person you not-so-secretly love abuses your love but you ain't going anywhere because you live in hope, the final "It's lucky for you that we're friends." is a throwaway joke that stings.

Cocker inspects the pleather.

Jarvis Cocker has a new album. I'm so glad, I missed him. This song should be in an imaginary re-make of Gigi directed by Olivier Assayas. Cocker would play the Maurice Chevalier part. Fiddling with his trouser buttons, playing the sleazy boulevardier, with a wink and a secret hurt.

Tonite/Jarvis Cocker

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Love, D

PS Project Jenny Project Jan? Faboo. Saw 'em last night, want to crank their upcoming CD from my jeep and drive past the houses of my friends.

* I could do without all the shots of Gwyneth and Ethan but Cocker is just killing it performance-wise in this video. Boy ain't camera shy. He KNOWS how to work a visual. Why hasn't he been cast in a movie yet? What is wrong with the casting agents of this world?!?!?

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Blogger therese said...

**Jarvis has a brief appearance in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire as the lead singer of the band playing at the Yule Ball. But it's a blink and you'll miss it type thing. But yeah, he's really great in this video.

6:10 PM, April 25, 2007  

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