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Dear friends,

I have been crippled cracked all week hence my general absence. Also, holidays! Don't cry for me though. I have love AND insurance. That's enough to make me feel safe in this big bad world.

Turkey, anyone?

I've been quietly stalking the The Jealous Girlfriends ever since I accidentally* caught them at Mercury Lounge last year. I'm a sucker for vocal twin-ning and singers Holly Miranda and Josh Abbott definitely have that golden hum sound down.

Song to Seek:

The Pink Wig to My Salieri/The Jealous Girlfriends (mp3)

Buy The Jealous Girlfriends self-titled CD.

I watched Marie Antoinette** this weekend and tried to imagine The Pink Wig To My Salieri inserted in the film, in one of the many scenes where Kirsten Dunst scampers down a hallway looking distressed in period finery. I blame the song's keyboard nod to the New Romantics sound and the titular allusion to Mozart***. Supposedly, little Wolfgang asked the Emperor of Austria for Maria Antonia's hand when they were children and that story, real or not, is sad and sweet.

An extra track from The Jealous Girlfriend for all ye Smiths cover hounds.

Song to seek:

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want/The Jealous Girlfriends (mp3)

The Jealous Girlfriends play Union Hall on Wednesday, April 11th. Go see 'em.

Love, D

* I say accidentally because I confused their name with another band's and realized my mistake when they started their set.

** Loved the songs used in the film, especially the tiny piece of The Cure's Plainsong playing during the post-coronation sequence. However, I did think it was TOO music heavy at times and wished for silence so I could appreciate the imagery on its own.

*** Well, the allusion is to Salieri, Mozart's fictional nemesis in the play/movie, Amadeus. And while that would imply that this is a song about envy, I can barely hear it. To me, this is the sound of a warm breeze.

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Blogger therese said...

Yes! The post-coronation use of Plainsong was my favorite part too!

10:26 AM, April 10, 2007  

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