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Dear friends,

1. As a member of the DraculaZombieUSA East Coast Annex, I get to prance like a pony in front of an audience every now and again. One of my favorite parts of the DZUSA experience is hearing the outro blaring out from Travis Business's iPod at the end of every set. It's a man singing, "Oooh yeah, aaaah-ah-I!" He does this a few times, and then he's sped up Alvin and The Chipmunks stylee; a bright chirping affirmation. It gets stuck in my head, that bit. I always mean to ask the man where it's from but forget. On Saturday, Travis and his lovely lady, Rebecca, jumped the broomstick. After their beautiful ceremony, after the kiss, after they clasped hands and started making their way out, the processional music kicked in. "Ooooh yeah, aaaah-ah-I! ...'ll tell you something! I think you'll understand." OH MY GOD. DUUUUUUH. Of course! I Want to Hold Your Hand! But done by...Al Green? What the? Anyway, I can't believe I didn't recognize those notes, those words, as recognizable as ABC if you grew up on The Beatles. I am slow.

Congratulations Travecca! It was a memorable evening truly befitting a wonderful pair.

Travis and Reverend Al, separated at birth?

Song to seek:

(Consider this a place saver for the Al Green mp3, which I will post tomorrow)
I Want To Hold Your Hand/Al Green (mp3)

Buy The Supreme Al Green: The Greatest Hits by Al Green.

2. Speaking of Beatles-related covers, I rather love this one even if it's a tad cracked. Claudine Longet whispers her way through Jealous Guy and generally sounds like fluffy kitten looking at you with sad, feeeed me eyes. It's almost cute that she's jealous. Of course, the knowledge that in real life this adorable creature took a gun and shot her lover in the back colors things a bit. Le scandale aside, when the song segues nicely into Don't Let Me Down, it makes complete sense. Both are songs of desperation and need, slightly off-putting in their emotional nakedness.

Claudine Longet, femme dangereuse

Song to seek:

Jealous Guy/Don't Let Me Down/Claudine Longet (mp3)

Buy We've Only Just Begun/Let's Spend The Night Together by Claudine Longet.

Love, D

* Yes, I know the lyric is "I can't hide" but Al Green opted for this line instead.

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Blogger Christina said...

The post-ceremony "ooooh yeah, aaaah-ah-ah" was so brilliant. My heart got a little twisty thrill. What an awesome wedding - with the best music.

1:39 PM, April 02, 2007  

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