Fuzzy are the lights, fuzzy like your smile

Dear friends,

1. This song, this vocal is like a perfect short film. Economic, honest and true. Two people say goodbye. One promises that they'll see each other soon but will they really? Have they missed their chance? Dearie's whispery little voice is both rueful and tender. The hesitant delivery behind her casual words makes her sound like she can barely contain her disappointment. Listen to her "Oh well..." sigh, it's the sound of regret.

Blossom Dearie

Song to seek:

Some Other Time/Blossom Dearie (mp3)

Buy Blossom Dearie Sings Comden and Green by Blossom Dearie

2. You know those satin cha cha heeled slippers with the fluff ball at the tip that Gabor-manqués of the late 50's used to favor? Whenever I hear this brief vamp, I picture a woman wearing those, sashaying wildly about her kitchen in a silk kimono, holding a martini and cooing "Hello stranger" to her reflection. As long as she keeps drinking and dancing inside her apartment, she'll never have to worry about the rejection that awaits out there. A strange combination of breeze and terror.

Nellie McKay

Song to seek:

Pink Chandelier/Nellie McKay (mp3)

Buy Pretty Little Head by Nellie McKay.

3. Here's something for those who don't feel like ending their week with ladies and their pianos. Several years ago, I was having dinner at a friend's home. Her husband is quite the chef, so when he said he was cooking, I dawdled until I got a place at the table because I am transparent like that. During the after-dinner smoke, he cough-laughed and mentioned that he'd just gotten a cd of his old punk band playing the Rat in Boston. Huh? The Rathskeller?!? Naturally, I had to hear this. We went upstairs to one of the many rooms in their house that was a mess of pictures and clothes in shades of blue and green and he put it on. One of his phenomenal daughters, then 8 years-old, bounded in. She began jumping up and down, shouting "Please don't be weird!" along with the music. Nevermind the polite request for normalcy or the jerky, stabbing beat; I had to join her in the get down. That was a good Friday.

Song to seek:

Please Don't Be Weird/The Girls (mp3)

Buy Live at The Rathskeller 5.17.79 by The Girls

Love, D

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