Well, it's no no no no fault of mine

Dear friends,

Busy building dams. Tonight I will be going to The Delancey to see Spy Alarms play their debut gig at 8 PM. They have no album to sell (yet) or even songs available but to satisfy your ear-curiosity, here's a My Bloody Valentine cover they did for my birthday last year with the unstoppable Marta De Leon on lead vocals.

You Made Me Realise/Spy Alarms (mp3)

(I'll upload the proper mp3 tomorrow)

You Made Me Realise/My Bloody Valentine (mp3)

You Made Me Realise/My Bloody Valentine (YST link)

I've written about this old fave before so pardon the lack of words. Just think: amusement park rides in summer, love like bittersweet chocolate, self-righteously indignant arguments and running out of gas before you get home.

Befriend Spy Alarms on My Space.

Love, D

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