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Dear friends,

So I was at Mandee's (don't ask) and Say it Right by Nelly Furtado came on and I found myself doing an involuntary albeit discreet shimmy/shuffle. I was a little conflicted about it. Now, I'm no hater, I adore pop music and I'm not afraid to groove to it BUT I've never liked Furtado. Something about the quivering texture of her sharp little voice grates on me and while I worship Timbaland, his presence alone couldn't be it. And then it came to me. This song reminds me of Laura Branigan's Self Control*. I remember being at the Mandee's at Cross County Mall when I was a kid with my older cousins as they tried on bright banana yellow pants with big black stars on them and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear that kind of stuff. Yeah, I know.

Self Control/Laura Branigan (video)

So standing in the racks, holding a hideous shirt I'd never buy or much less wear, I spied a little girl watching her mother? her sister? her cousin? model a tight black dress with ruching that, while lacking in class, she was certainly working. The little girl moved her feet to the song and mouthed the words.

Say it Right/Nelly Furtado (video)

Even if the yearning I hear in it is only the projection of my nostalgia, this is a fine pop number and I want to move to it. Even if I mostly stick to jeans and ratty t-shirts with John Travolta on them. Even if I'm all grown up.

2. I'm going out of town with some friends to enjoy the outdoors 'cause this lady loves her countryside. If you are staying in the city, I urge you to go The Music Slut's Spring Fling at The Delancey on Saturday. I'm not familiar with some of the bands on the bill (though I'm a big fan of Cassettes Won't Listen and The Midnight Hours) but Jen and Matt Slut got some ears on 'em and I know it will be a ball.

Love, D

* If, you know, Say it Right had metal guitars and was way less fun.

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