nothing in this world

dear friends,

1. morning

yesterday, for breakfast, I ate one boiled egg & two large coffees. remember this dull detail.

2. evening

beg yr pardon #9 aka my birthday party was amazing. I don't care what other places were telling you about where you should've been instead*, I wouldn't have been anywhere else. thank you so much for coming out, friends old & new. it was wonderful to see you all!

3. thank you djs!

sheila b started off the night & played a fabulous set of 60's pop. I boogied from my door perch & wished I could speak french so I could understand all those ye ye song lyrics. rachael underrated & jeff k cage matched for the rest of the night & it was a perfect blend of complimentary styles. extra special thanks to jeff k for being such a good sport as I heckled him mercilessly & also, for playing ring the alarm. you, sir, are the best.

4. thank you bands!

tiny masters of today were felled by bronchitis so they didn't get to play. ivan, I hope you're feeling better!

the vandelles played first & won themselves a number of brand new fans with their tremolo & feedback drenched ditties about love & other things of import. I love that surfin' jamc sound so I was blissed out, doing an alarming & involuntary to & fro shimmy. thank you vandelles! you were wonderful.

if you missed them because you were at one of the other five trillion shows, do yourself a favor & catch them at pianos this sunday, september 30th.

then dzusa! I can't really say anything about something I'm part of but hey! o'death liked us & that makes me happy. what also makes me happy is how great my co-dzusa folks are. they are the shiz.

o'death. wowza. they fill me with a fire. they make me wanna climb trees & make my own liquor. not at the same time but maybe after a reasonable distance. they holler, break strings with the sheer ferocity of their playing, their drummer chews on his cymbals (I didn't see him do this but I'm sure he does, I saw bite marks!) & the violinist is definitely looking for a soul to steal. they play tonight with the wonderful the big sleep at the spiegeltent. go check them out! or if you don't, check 'em out at goodbye blue monday on friday, october 6th. those guys are busy. busy being badass. do not miss them!

5. thank you friends!

I have a lot of you! how cool is that? I got some great presents! thank you! I will eat, listen, read & wear everything. & in the case of contributor therese's monkey in a monkey in a monkey tchotchke, laugh myself silly over it every night. you are fantastic.

6. thank you monkey!

j decided to lose his mind & try his hand at being an exec producer & got a few of my friends to cover & record some of my favorite songs. on the sly. I knew he was being shady & had my suspicions but when he didn't hand anything over on the 25th, I thought I must've guessed wrong. sneaky simian!

I have a lot to say about my covers cd but I shan't until we can put up the mp3s. when that happens, I will provide track by track commentary in many, many awkward & effusive paragraphs. as for the tracklisting, there's some my bloody valentine, pavement (two tracks!), richard thompson, the smiths, the kinks & OF COURSE, the ubiquitous gnarls barkley. pretty hot stuff.

7. night/morning

later, after getting home & listening to my cd & purring on j's sleeping form, my stomach suddenly made an alarming krakatoa-like rumble. I had forgotten to eat. I am an ass. a lucky one.

love, d

* crimes against grammar daily here at soft communication! whoo!

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Blogger tina said...

No wonder you felt sicky crazy girl!

What a great BYP and birthday party!

3:00 PM, September 27, 2006  
Blogger d said...

that's never happened to me. I really just forgot.

3:07 PM, September 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

i had a blast!

now lemme hear some of those cover songs!

4:14 PM, September 27, 2006  
Blogger Jeremy said...

I am a banana!

6:02 PM, September 27, 2006  

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