Adventures in Red Hook

D was looking to unload two Ted Leo/Pharmacists tickets. I met her on a windy corner in Brooklyn and, in the shadow of a disused service station, exchanged a bit of cash and a young adult novel based on The OC for the tickets.

The show was at the Hook and getting to that venue is always an adventure. Last night was no different. The shuttle the Hook provides was iffy, we called the club and they weren’t sure if the guy was going to show. Apparently, he can’t afford the insurance required to drive in bad weather. So my friend Colleen and I walked up the street and hailed a cab. The driver didn't know how to get to the club so he pulled over for a lengthy, off-meter consultation with his map. We got to the club and scored seats on the top riser, where we were joined by our friends Tom and Terre.

The Duke Spirit was supposed to open, but they had some visa issues. (Or were kidnapped by pirates, if you ask D.) So a band called Direct from the Hollywood Cemetery played instead. They were dressed like the Groovy Ghoulies and sounded like the Misfits met Boss Hog for a beach party. Oh, and the singer slashed his way out of a coffin at the start of the set. Costumes and stage props pretty much guarantee a good time in my book. I’m easy to please.

The second band, Les Aus, was from Catalonia. We didn't really hear their set because Gentleman Ted Leo came over to Tom and Terre (and Colleen and me- a/k/a Their Entourage) and invited us downstairs to dine at his vegan buffet and drink his whiskey. And talk about New Jersey (Seton Hall, Springsteen, Action Park…), of course. Because when one meets a fellow Jerseyan, that's what one does. Anyway, Mr. Leo and company played really well. Lots of energy, good amount of stage banter... No Kelly Clarkson cover, though. But all in all, a good time. And the Hook has cats in the basement! Cute!

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Blogger Mike said...

No one in my corner of the Midwest understands New Jersey. If they think of it at all, it's because of the Sopranos, Springsteen, or the fact that it's between two major US cities. I miss NJ bonding.

11:19 PM, March 03, 2006  
Blogger tina said...

Fuck, I want a vegan banquet with Ted Leo!

4:20 PM, March 09, 2006  

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