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dear friends,

WARNING! there are no links in this post. I have time constraints & I trust you are all far more enterprising than I when it comes to searching for music on the web.

1. finally, after some initial cricketage, the first official soft communication mix exchange is underway. YAY! the pioneering mix makers are: contributors george, bryan/mary (combining their mind science), jared & myself. we need one more brave soul with time before friday, june 3 to make a mix to the theme of my choosing (this time only, mary's got a corker of a theme for the next one) which is...COVERS! of course I picked covers! gawd! it's so obvious! that's right, these mixes will be include musicians doing versions of other people's songs, sometimes good (david bowie/cactus), sometimes bad (david bowie/see emily play), sometimes ugly (david bowie/alabama song). if you want to be the fifth, let me know.

2. silvio rodriguez' voice is clear & smooth like glass that dreams itself into honey. pure in tone, honest sounding & true. if you have no fear of music in another language, go find ojala & grab your walkman/ipod/mp3 player & go sit by the loch over in prospect park (or any swan filled lake in your vicinity). heavenly.

3. I have always wanted to write a very mundane vampire movie. you know, someone's a vampire but it's really no big deal & they're not gonna eat you (in fact, they only feed on the monstrously obese because they barely feel it, it's like a mosquito bite to them. ya know, the way vampire bats feed off of dozing sea lions off of the coast of chile & don't even bat an...oh. ignore the unintentional bad pun). anyway, the opening scene is this woman walking home somewhere on avenue c after a dinner party, she's a little buzzed from wine & she's listening to something on her walkman. she passes a deli & gets a sudden urge to purchase some cournichons. oddly enough, they have a dusty jar. she decides to buy the sunday times & some milk as well. she irritates the cashier by apologetically paying for some of it change (she thinks she may have left her wallet at the dinner party). she makes her way slowly down the street with her bags as all these fire trucks go by & people run past. we can't hear them, we only hear the music. she turns the corner & sees that the fire trucks are parked on her street. it's her building that's on fire. she sits on the curb & watches it burn.

the song playing on her walkman is t.b. sheets by van morrison. this song has nothing to do with vampires or fires but everything to do with blood & loss. go find it.

4. I went to see the secret machines at irving plaza & they had two opening acts. the first was a band called autolux, the second was the truly ponderous j. mascis in full middle finger to the crowd form & not in an enjoyable way either. I loved autolux's set so I bought their cd which I listened to the next day & found a little dull compared to their show. the cd is full of comfortable explorations of the usual shoegaze/noise suspects, touches of mbv & sonic youth, which in general, are not bad to have on while you putter about but leaves you unsatisfied if you're searching for something more in your swirl. I don't know who was responsible for watering down their live drone (their drummer was a powerhouse of subtlety, unusual for a rock genre that usually requires a steady, colorless bash so as not to take away from the guitar goings-on) but I suspect they will eventually win me back. maybe with their next one. check out angry candy in the meantime. tell me what you think.

5. the sweet harmony & sway of she told me, she told me by marcos valle is warm weather divine. pair it with silvio. the outdoors are nice.

love, d

songs to seek: david bowie/cactus, silvio rodriguez/ojala, van morrison/t.b. sheets, autolux/angry candy, marcos valle/she told me, she told me


Blogger Jenny said...

Snap. I want to take part in the mix CD xchange.

11:34 AM, April 23, 2005  
Blogger bryan said...

is it a contest? if so, i'm declaring mary and myself the winners NOW.

3:26 PM, April 23, 2005  
Blogger d said...

as the bloc party likes to say, this is not a competition. it's about sharing, brux. geez.

3:07 PM, April 24, 2005  
Blogger therese said...

I want in too! Even though I haven't gotten my act together enough to actually, you know, write a post...

12:19 PM, April 25, 2005  
Blogger mary said...

we decided the other day that the best victories are the ones in which there was not even a competition.

the mayan empire wins constantly.

12:41 PM, April 25, 2005  
Blogger d said...

except for when up against the europeans & their smallpox blankets. damn whitey!

t, if you want in, feel free. apparently the limit only works when there are no takers.

6:41 PM, April 25, 2005  

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