Let's go out tonight!

Dear friends,

It's been so long since I've felt that going-out excitement. Like the jittery teenage nerves that I'd manage while getting ready to see friends somewhere out there in big bad NYC. I've always equated that feeling with a particular sound. The skeletal, echoing skitter of Robert Smith's guitar. No joke. Some people get their party up to dance music, not I. I like nothing more than cranking Primary on the headphones and pretending I'm putting on makeup in a speeding car. It matches the nerves perfectly.

Social situations terrify me, see?

So yeah, I don't know if I've gotten better with groups of people (doubtful) or if the fact that putting on nighttime make-up nowadays makes me look more like a cabbage patch doll than a siren (possible) but the feeling is dormant for now. I walk through the streets of my neighborhood looking at other people's homes and miss the party on purpose.

On the plus side, this song makes me feel like I'll get out there again.

Ghost Train/Thrushes (mp3)

photo by Jamie Onderdonk

Ghost Train by Thrushes starts out with what is probably a completely unintentional homage to the classic Cure intro and quickly dovetails into a jubilant celebration of GETTING THE FUCK OUTCHA HOUSE. The give and take of those opposing parts create a striking balance between anxiety and joy. For those that like girl-shouts, sonic uplift and pure, naive rush to their pre-game. What are you waiting for? Go pick out your outfit.

Purchase Sun Come Undone by Thrushes.

Love, D

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Anonymous caleb said...

I totally relate to this post. Jittery nerves, feeling cool yet timid. and Primary! what a great song to listen to whilst racing into the big city at night. yeah, all those grand old albums - seventeen seconds, faith, in the flat field (bauhaus), first, last and always (sisters of mercy) - they still fill me with a sense of excitement, of belonging, of becoming. the feeling fades quickly, of course, and i'm left with a soft ache in my heart. I like who i am now - nearly 30, more well-rounded emotionally (and physically, ha!), but sometimes i really do miss that teenage feeling of What Could Be, you know?

anyway, thanks for the good tune!

12:56 PM, April 30, 2008  

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