Whatever happens do the dance

Dear friends,

A dream:

I am dressed in medieval garb. I am me, I am not me. It's hard to say, but judging from my outfit and surroundings it would appear I'm on the pilgrim's path and the pilgrim's path looks a lot like the 9W next to the Hudson. It's no highway though, it's a road, glassed over like a mall walkway, lined with diversions. I know that at some point I should stop or take a detour, I have vague-ish plans to visit the Woodbury Outlet Mall (?!?) but I keep walking. It's important to note that every time I encounter someone on this road (an old man, a woman and her toddler, a teenage boy, a group of Japanese school kids) I have to put down my staff and backpack and burst into dance. They're dancing too. Our soundtrack is this song. It blares out from nowhere. We dance for a chorus and when the music stops, we simply go on our way.

D.A.N.C.E./Justice (mp3)

Justice n'approuve pas ce rĂªve

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After miles of walking and several dance-offs, I notice a church entryway. I peer in and admire the vaulted arches and stained glass windows. No one is inside. I notice a woman sitting to the right of the entrance who looks a bit like Blaire from the Facts of Life and ask her if she's waiting to go in. She tells me that it's open, she's already been inside because "she's been to Europe" and that now she's just waiting for her friends to catch up. Right. I have friends too. They're lagging behind. Should I wait for them here? I could use a rest. I'm in the middle of making my decision when my alarm goes off.

Love, D

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