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Dear friends,

As far as songs that fall under the category of "I'm not your dreamboat but I can pretend to be" (and I feel like there might be a few) Sherlock Holmes is a peculiar one. The original, as performed by the kooky Mael brothers aka Sparks, was a confusing little number that came across like a man more interested in his fantasy of masculinity, the brainy, fog dwelling super sleuth Holmes, than the woman he was trying to woo. In the hands of The Dirtbombs things get more interesting. Lead singer/guitarist Mick Collins has always specialized in confident growling, even if you didn't know what he looked like you'd still get a sense that there was an easy, wolfish grin behind that voice. Not that the smile should put you at ease, especially not here. As he slides around the melody and snakes around his intended, you get the feeling that the lady is in far more trouble than she thinks. Perhaps this destroys the story behind the song (namely, he can approximate what she wants but won't be believable in the role) but it does suggest something more daring, which is while he "can dance like Sherlock Holmes" he will NEVER be Sherlock Holmes, and she won't mind one bit.

Sherlock Holmes (Sparks cover)/The Dirtbombs (mp3)

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The Dirtbombs play The Bowery Ballroom this Friday, April 11th
and I am jealous of every single person that is going to that show.

Love, D

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Blogger therese said...

I saw the Dirtbombs at Maxwell's on Sunday and they were so, so good. They covered INXS's "Devil Inside," which was unexpected (for this casual fan, at least)and fun. And definitely more dangerous sounding than the original.

2:41 PM, April 10, 2008  

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