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Dear friends,

There's been a lot of apocalyptic programming on TV lately. I watch it, rapt and tortured, planning my escape to a bear-proof cave somewhere above the tree-line so that the tidal waves can't reach me.

In Our Gun by Gomez isn't about the survivalists, it's about the people who turn a blind eye. They throw a party, light a bonfire and ignore the signs of desperation. The glasses that shatter, the chaos outside. Towards the end, a hushed hymn is sung and for a moment there is a feeling of togetherness, but it collapses under the weight of approaching destruction.

In Our Gun/Gomez (mp3)

(photograph by Jay Blakesberg)

Gomez probably would not endorse this depressing interpretation. But I doubt I'm wrong about the song's serious as cancer vibe. Note the double bass line that starts off the song, courtesy of the inimitable Danny Thompson (Pentangle, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Richard Thompson.) Thompson's playing on the intro is portent itself, a mini-encapsulation of the song's weary fatalism. You don't bring out the big guns for nothing.

Sadly the intro is cut off in this Later on Jools Holland YT clip but it's still worth a look for a glimpse of the Thompson magic and Tom Gray's electric fuzz bass takeover at the end.

In Our Gun (Featuring Danny Thompson) (Live)/Gomez (Video)

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Love, D

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