Neon Lights returns, this time in Williamsburg!

Straight from Jeff K, here is the latest scoop on the return of Neon Lights presents:

"Eagle-eyed MySpace obsessives may have gotten the drift already, but for the rest of you (marginally) better adjusted blog readers, it's time for the ritualistic unveiling of the Neon Lights line-up!


The latest installment of D's and my ongoing New York concert series moves for the first time to my home 'hood, sweet misbegotten Williamsburg. On Saturday, March the 1st, we will celebrate the Chinese Leap Year* at Galapagos Art Space with three colors from the rock spectrum. Eamon Hamilton, who's long earned his stripes on the UK scene as a member of British Sea Power and the songwriter behind Brakes (Brakesbrakesbrakes if you're litigious), will be treating our audience to a rare solo set of material destined for his next full-length opus. Further delight will be offered by the winningly sloshed anthems of rambunctious Jersey boys, Titus Andronicus, and the dark and cavernous pop delights of Brooklyn's own Crystal Stilts. Easing you through the stylistic change-ups will be the DJ stylings of our very own Numerologist David Klein as well as the Rich Girls are Weeping**, who've recently had a phoenix-like return to active blogdom.

Those who've popped in regularly for the past year or so know that all implicated parties will be discussed in bone crunching detail as the intervening nights drain away. For now a quick, teasing niblet of what's in store:

Brakes - "Hold Me in the River"

Titus Andronicus - "Titus Andronicus"

Crystal Stilts - "Converging in the Quiet"

...Much more to come...

* This does not exist

**Misty-eyed Rich Girl, Michaela Drapes, is responsible for another in a long line of handsome show posters. Merci.

Hope to see you there!

Love, D

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