Telegraph cables, they sing down the highway

Dear friends,

I am a passenger. I ride and I ride. Well, when I can. I hold maps, I point fingers, I raise my voice. I shout LEFT! NO! RIGHT! RIGHT! I look out windows and pretend I am a golden retriever excitedly watching cars pass. I fiddle with the radio. I dole out snacks to the driver. I am a passenger because I can't drive. Which is a pity because I like to wander. Go to random towns, take in the sights, however small potatoes they may be. This past weekend J drove me to a series of Hudson-side towns in a rented car. Lemme tell you, it's WAY better to get lost when you have wheels.

This house is impressive. Sadly, Anderson Cooper does not live there.

In Poughkeepsie, J and I took in a movie and went to the local Chili's since it was the only place open that late on a Sunday. We drank margaritas and ate unhealthy food. It was snowing outside like crazy and I started daydreaming about how we should go further north, where there are white-outs and picture-windows. I'm not picky though, I'd take an autumn evening as well. I thought of this song.

Moonlight in Vermont/Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (mp3)

I have nothing to say except that when Fitzgerald returns with that rising "Ee-ee-eeevening summer breeze, warbling of the meadowlark" it's sublime because in addition to being sung beautifully, it embodies the sound of romantic contentedness.

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Love, D

PS I'm currently working on an interminable piece about In Rainbows. If anyone wants to chat about it, or Radiohead in general, holla at me.

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