Your name came up in conversation, then somebody started the count

Dear friends,

Because I love you, I want you to start the year off right. This is a song that sounds like waking up after blacking out and realizing that you feel a-okay despite the intake, a fact which is more terrifying than any hangover. The light's burning your eyes and the blank terror of what might've happened the night before is slowly settling into your gut. The stupid shit you said, the people you alienated, and how something needs to change NOW.

New Year's Day (Live) (feat. Ryan Adams)/Chuck Prophet (mp3)

I heard this song trolling for Ryan Adams live bootlegs. Chuck Prophet has a dry, husky sound to his voice. You can feel the stare that comes with such a voice; confrontational yet cool. It carries into his guitar solo. Listen to it here. It becomes the narrator. That solo gets all up in your face with frustrated, inarticulate rage but when it ends, it just trails off and walks away, leaving you feeling somewhat responsible for the sorry state he's in.

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Love, D

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