Too late to wish me back again

Dear friends,

It starts with a shimmer, a shimmer of strings, shimmering feebly. Then they start to slide a little bit, all over the place. That's when the tinkling begins. And a girl soon follows after. They usually do.

Light From A Dead Star by Lush is a little bit 8th grade poetry* and a little bit genius. It's a story of departures, everyone keeps leaving; a woman, a man and finally the protagonist. The dead star of the title is never made explicit though my vote is on "I", played beautifully by Miki Berenyi, all soprano schoolgirl vengeance, telling you that it's far too late. For what? A chance to not let her down? It hardly matters that she's more interested in being self-righteously angry than actually getting somewhere with the people she's addressing. She just keeps pointing fingers, joined for a moment in ghost-harmony by Emma Anderson, until we're right back where we started. Quiet. Strings slide down. Start the shimmer.

Photo by Beth Herzhaft

Light From A Dead Star/Lush (mp3)

Buy Split by Lush.

Love, D

* Oh, I know you know what I'm talking about. I certainly wrote some.

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