Neon Lights at Union Hall, Friday July 6th - El Jezel!

Dear friends,

Because (singing) I must've been a thieeeef... I stole this wholesale from Neon Lights partner Jeff K, word. Doodz can write. Check this excerpt...

"Switching gears to Friday night's Neon Lights line-up, we'll first feature Astoria's finest, El Jezel. Jessica, Dan, and George form the versatile three piece, who produced last year's stellar post-rock flavored epic Elements of Being Put Together. Let's sample a few tracks and discuss, shall we?

El Jezel - "Michigan"

For a band who readily admit in their song's first line to only visiting the Wolverine State once, El Jezel sure has a lot of Michigan-centric angst to work out. The resentment practically drips from the walls of the cavern in which the drums were apparently recorded. The brooding bass line glowers intently from behind its bangs. Only the guitars are putting on a passable poker face, but even the strings can't keep it up. Around the 1:20 mark, the fake smile turns into a vicious snarl, signaling the drum kit that the time for maintaining one's cool has now passed. A smashing climax emerges from nowhere, the sort of maelstrom on a dime that made the word Mogwai more than just a piece of 80's film trivia. This fury can't go on indefinitely, of course, and the track momentarily retreats back to its passive aggressive whispers. It's a false reprieve though, as this cycle of build and release goes on for an emotionally fraught 6 minutes before sulking off into the sunset."


"If my vouchers might strike you as untrustworthy somehow, I offer these alternate sources of confirmation;

Cracker's United
Mercurial Sound


You can buy tickets right now to see El Jezel along with Mancino, Thrushes, and De Novo Dahl, by going here. Freebies from the rest are forthcoming..."

For another El Jezel song, photos of rocking elementary schoolkids and more Jeff K, go read the rest of this post HERE on the always wonderful Merry Swankster blog.

Love, D

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