Ah, meu coração

Dear friends,

1. I've been away. Did you miss me?

2. Help me solve a mystery. I got this song from a mix. The names Nara Leão and Elis Regina were scribbled on the cassette case. Is this correct? Listen to it. The voices are two intertwining murmurs; engaging each other in cashmere melancholy. The two women's vocals are so close in range and texture that it sounds like the same person having a dialogue. But is it one person? Or is it really Leão and Regina duetting like a person and their shadow?

Vocal conundrum aside, what's the story here? Is the protagonist of this song really that sad about calling things off with their ex? Or are they simply in awe of themselves for being so detached? For people a little in love with their sadness and consequently, themselves.

Insensatez/Nara Leão and Elis Regina (mp3)

3. Putting faces to those voices:

Luz Negra/Nara Leão (video)

Aguas de Marco/Elis Regina (video)

Speaking of this song - which is a favorite from one of my favorite singers*, look and listen to this version with Tom Jobim. Check out how the song changes by adding another another element, in this case, from philosophically solemn to playful.

Aguas de Marco/Elis Regina and Tom Jobim (video)

4. Jeff K will be telling you about our next Neon Lights coming up at Union Hall this Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7 ALL WEEK. So shall I but I'll be doing it with my patented two cent words and mangled metaphors. Keep looking out.

If you don't need words to convince you, you're already intrigued by the line-up, you can buy tickets from Ticketweb, just look on the left there for the links.

Love, D

* Seriously though, Regina kicks ass vocally. She is so effortlessly connected to her material and yet she makes it look and sound so casual and easy.

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