Cloué au sol l'oiseau se cogne

Dear friends,

Sometimes the movie in my head is in French, and the everyday is set decorated in all these muted colors; apricot and dove gray. I've got a teased 60s hairdo and a ribbon above my bangs. I spend a lot of time in cafés, mumbling in voice-over, as life passes me by. It can't end in a satisfying way, there's too much stasis, not enough plot but the images are beautiful: a woman's red patent leather shoe, a carousel in the rain, two lovers kissing and neither of them are you. And this is the song that plays in the background...

Vertige/Camille (mp3)

Camille practices her penmanship.

I've seen Camille Dalmais perform with Nouvelle Vague on their stateside jaunts (playing the role of the gamine that sings Too Drunk to Fuck) and she's a pistol. Her album Le Fil flits between the formal lyricism of songs like Vertige and plenty crazy beat box pseudo-rap numbers like Janine III. Personally, I'm fond of both the classical and the cuckoo. Go investigate.

Au Port (Live on Taratata)/Camille (video)

Buy Le Fil by Camille.

Love, D

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Blogger montournesol said...

i swear you just read my mind! :)

4:22 PM, April 01, 2009  

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