Caught up in the crush

Dear friends,

The Wait by NYC trio Gold Streets sure starts off in a hurry. Bass announces itself, followed by a little flurry of static, then guitar, staccatto and crisp, and finally, a military drum beat. Then they all take off; song as race. There are two voices here. The chat sing of Norman Vino telling you about maybes and trying and the sugar-voiced T. Almy joining him for emphasis. It's hard to discern the message; you could read the song as one person trying to satisfy his two selves or one person trying to save a relationship. I prefer the former interpretation, if only because it makes the female voice in the song the protagonist's conscience; there to soothe his agitation at having to make a decision that may or may not lead to nothing at all.

(photo by Bartow Church)

Musically, think pop song from the 90's a la Juliana Hatfield, Letters to Cleo, and Belly. I know some of you will looooove that so give it a listen.

The Wait/Gold Streets (mp3)

Buy Looks Like Fireflies by Gold Streets.

See Gold Streets live tonight at The Delancey as part of Hot Rocks.

Love, D

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