Embracing me with two hands

Dear friends,

1. Why I don't have much to say for myself

Work has quite suddenly and unexpectedly decided to kick my ass. So instead of the usual blather about music here is an image of where I plan to be in December:

I've been fattening up The Monkey for the sacrifice.

2. This isn't about music so much as revisiting songs for lyrical content. A series? Nah, I'm not that organized.

I had never given Evil (or really much of Antics, aside from C'mere and Slow Hands) by Interpol much of a listen until a friend pointed out its crisp and wacked lyrics and suddenly the song took an unexpected glow. Singer Paul Banks sounds enraptured, as enraptured as a man can sound when his clipped diction usually makes him come off like an alien with a megaphone. Not this time though; here he's free enough to let his partner know that he'd like to be with her and take her places, maybe somewhere they can get a tan. Never mind the fact that he can't quite remember if her name is Rosemary or Sandy, he'd like her to forget the past and take his hand. He MEANS that shiz. So much so that even when he keeps repeating the jinx coda line "Why can't we just look the other way," the sing-along is more chipper than frustrated.

Evil/Interpol (YouSendIt Download)

On the same loosening up front, on Narc, it's pretty much full on uptight humanoid taking off their expensive jacket, throwing it on the floor and telling you exactly what he wants. And what he wants is his engine tended to. By you. Fah real. Banks intones about bedrooms, thighs and about you being all up in his space (My Space?) and makes his soft porn scenario sound kinda classy. Mostly because his delivery is so restrained and asexual that even the aforementioned car service metaphor breezes by without a hint of sleaze.

The song in the 80's set movie where the hero unexpectedly hooks up with the drug dealer's super hot but damaged mistress. Oh, you know it's gonna happen.

Narc/Interpol (YouSendIt download)

Have a good weekend!

Love, D

PS Seriously, the Boubacar is coming. Monday hopefully.

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